a novel solution for chronic pain relief

Vibrant soothes and relaxes nerve and joint pain to increase your quality of life.

What is Vibrant?

VIBRANT is a vibration mesh architecture embedded in wearable wraps, pads and braces which is programmed and controlled by the user either through an App or by manipulating the buttons . VIBRANT is an easy-to-use pain management solution that alleviates discomfort and reduces the need for medication.  This patented vibration system targets nerves at the pain site to alleviate discomfort and reduce pain. 


How VIBRANT Works:

VIBRANT uses powerful yet gentle vibration oscillators to target, sooth, and relax agitated nerves and joints. The patented Transcutaneous Vibratory Stimulation (tVS) applies Pain Gating techniques to relieve pain by stimulating key nerve areas of the patient. Personal programming capability also enables the patient to create therapy configurations that match the level of discomfort while avoiding habituation.

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